Sanic Merchandising with teespring

Be fast, because they will be available for a limited time! You will find the Sanic Merchandising in:

In this video HAL Surprise creates new merchandising about the funniest meme on the internet: Sanic the Hedgehog. There is a limited edition Sanic T-shirts, Sanic Stickers, Sanic hoodies and Sanic phone cases.

In you will find the best Sonic Accessories, Sonic clothes, Sonic bags, Sonic Caps & amazing Sonic Merchandising. A perfect gift, Block Surprise helps to achieve the best birthday party ever!

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Sonic Holder Figure Surprise! Can you identify them?

Can you identify all the figures that Sonic is holding? Put the answer in the comments! You can find this Sonic Figure here:

Collectible Sonic the Hedgehog Cable Guy Device Holder – works with PlayStation and Xbox controllers and all Smartphones – Classic Sonic – Not Machine Specific

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Sonic the Hedgehog vs Eggman with healthbars

Sonic the Hedgehog vs Eggman with health bars from Street Fighter II. We have created the bars and the intro for the final fight in the Sonic the Movie. In the video we can see how Sonic defeats Eggman while de Health Bars are changing in every hit. In you will find the best Sonic Accessories, Sonic clothes, Sonic bags, Sonic Caps & amazing Sonic Merchandising.

Are you Team Eggman or Team Sonic?

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30.000 subs in Block Surprise

I just can say thanks for the 30.000 subs and more than 18 million views! Thank you very much!!

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5 millions visits Sonic Video

The most successful video in Block Surprise.

With 4 screens at the same time you can compare 3 different mods with the Original Sonic Mania Game!!

Sonic is our passion. We are very happy because with Sonic Mania and the New Sonic Movie our Youtube Channel Block Surprise is growing fast!

My audience grow fast after this project because like me, so many kids were also excited about the Sonic Mania release. The community started engaging me, making suggestions about future videos or giving me feedback about ways to improve.

I took all this feedback to continue developing my project and it seems that the Youtube algorithm rewarded me, giving me more views and subscribers. Actually, I reached almost 10,000 subscribers which led to Youtube becoming a small (but relevant) complement in my monthly salary! I am really happy about how this has developed. I will continue doing Sonic videos in order to entertain and express myself creatively. 

To Infinity and Beyond but always with Sonic.

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Best Sonic Mania Intros +40.000 views

Best Sonic Mod Intros

In this 1st video I bring you the best Sonic Mania Intros. I hope you enjoy our Sonic Mania Mods Intro. In this video you will find: Sonic Mania, Sonic.exe Mania, Sonic Mania Plus, Sonic Forces, Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Movie 2019 Intro.
Please thank the Creators/Modders: SEGA – Christian Whitehead, PagodaWest Games, Headcannon Game Banana: Sonic Mania

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