The most successful video in Block Surprise.

With 4 screens at the same time you can compare 3 different mods with the Original Sonic Mania Game!!

Sonic is our passion. We are very happy because with Sonic Mania and the New Sonic Movie our Youtube Channel Block Surprise is growing fast!

My audience grow fast after this project because like me, so many kids were also excited about the Sonic Mania release. The community started engaging me, making suggestions about future videos or giving me feedback about ways to improve.

I took all this feedback to continue developing my project and it seems that the Youtube algorithm rewarded me, giving me more views and subscribers. Actually, I reached almost 10,000 subscribers which led to Youtube becoming a small (but relevant) complement in my monthly salary! I am really happy about how this has developed. I will continue doing Sonic videos in order to entertain and express myself creatively. 

To Infinity and Beyond but always with Sonic.

Enjoy & Subscribe!

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