Eggman Variant into the Sonic-Verse of Block Surprise

Once upon a time, in a cyberpunk version of the Sonic universe, Eggman had become obsessed with technology that could enhance his body. He began experimenting on himself, using genetic engineering and cybernetic implants to increase his size and strength. However, his constant tampering had unexpected consequences, causing him to become morbidly obese.

Despite his new bulk, Eggman was determined to continue his quest for world domination. He created a new set of robotic minions, specially designed to support his massive weight and assist him in battle. But as Eggman’s power grew, so did his arrogance and his disregard for the well-being of others.

Sonic and his friends were determined to stop Eggman’s reign of terror, but they soon realized that the fat Eggman was a formidable opponent. He was able to move with surprising speed and agility, and his robotic minions were incredibly durable. Sonic and his friends were constantly on the run, trying to evade Eggman’s wrath and come up with a plan to defeat him.

Another Eggman Variant. Welcome to the Sonic-Verse.Another Eggman Variant. Welcome to the Sonic-Verse.

Finally, they realized that the key to defeating Eggman was to disable his cybernetic implants. They managed to infiltrate Eggman’s base and sabotage his control systems, causing his implants to malfunction. Eggman’s body began to reject the technology, and he started to shrink rapidly.

In the end, Eggman was defeated and Sonic and his friends saved the day once again. But the experience had a profound impact on Eggman, who realized the true cost of his obsession with technology. He turned over a new leaf, dedicating himself to helping others and using his knowledge for good.

Genesis Mega Drive Mini 2 Comparisons: US, Japan and Europe

Admire the New Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Mini 2

While the North American and European Mega Drive Mini 2 consoles share the same game list and overall design (gray buttons on North American units and red on European units), the Japanese version of the device is actually quite different—both in terms of appearance It’s still a pre-installed game.

For example, the logo on the chassis is completely different, and the buttons are gray (power) and blue (reset). In addition, the ink cartridge slot is equipped with a colored flap. If you ask us, the Japanese model looks more attractive than its Western siblings.

It is also possible to switch between the Japanese and Western versions of several games. Switching the language to English will give you the same Genesis Mini 2 interface as the North American version, but some games (despite English summaries) are still in Japanese. It’s worth noting that the aforementioned Bare Knuckle 3 isn’t included with the Japanese console, though it’s playable under the censorship status of the Western Mega Drive Mini 2.

Nintendo may have temporarily discontinued its own “Classic Edition” series, but Sega has bravely advanced its Mega Drive/Genesis Mini alongside the Astro City Mini, Astro City Mini V, Game Gear Micro, and this year’s Mega Drive/Genesis Mini 2. Via Physical hardware recycling classic games can obviously make a lot of money, and this sequel system offers something very unique: Mega/Sega CD games, some of which will be re-released for the first time ever.

Sega has once again teamed up with emulation specialists M2 on this product; that means you get top-notch emulation and a host of subtle (but welcome) tweaks – and a game that’s never been released before.

Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 European Version (Red Buttons)

But if you already own the original Mega Drive/Genesis Mini is it worth your money, let’s face it, it already contains most of the best games from Mega Drive/Genesis?

That’s before we even mentioned that it’s more expensive than last year’s model, even though it only has one controller.

Sega Megadrive Mini Japanese Edition (grey and blue button) + MEGA CD (OPTIONAL)


Mega Drive Mini 2 in Test – Hardware

As the name suggests, the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini 2 is based on a remake of the original 16-bit console that Sega released in 1993. Smaller and cheaper – but lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack – the design is hardly what you would call ugly, but it’s fair to say the Mk1 version has a richer memory for those who’ve lived through this particular era of gaming . Still, it doesn’t make much sense for Sega to just release another Mk1 Mega Drive/Genesis Mini, so here we are.

The device doesn’t differ much from the first Mega Drive/Genesis Mini in terms of footprint. It shares the same cartridge slot design (which is actually open so you can plug in the optional dummy bay like before), and has two USB-A ports on the front; a micro-USB socket on the back (for power) and a full-size HDMI port. Too bad Sega didn’t opt ​​for the more modern USB-C connector for power, which is now widely used in competitions.

SEGA GENESIS MINI 2 American Version (Black buttons)

The power and reset buttons are at the top, and eagle-eyed fans will immediately notice that something is amiss; Sega chose a Japanese design for all three regional variants of the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini 2, so there’s a power button (not a knob), no center Grid – This means there is no red power LED to indicate when the system is powered up, which can lead to confusion.
While Sega included two controllers with the first Mega Drive / Genesis Mini, this time only one. That’s bad news – the good news is that this controller is based on the six-button controller that was released at the same time as Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition, and is larger than the one that came with the Japanese original Mega Drive/Genesis Mini version (North American and European versions ship with larger 3-button keyboard).

Just one pad but with six buttons, idea for playing Street Fighter II.

It’s arguably the best controller for a console; if you want to play two-player, it’s just a shame that you have to invest in a second game (in case you were wondering, Retro-Bit’s officially licensed Sega Pads work well used in conjunction with the console). Oh, and like the previous model, there’s no power adapter (just a USB cable), so you’ll need to buy it yourself. Latency is always a hot topic when it comes to emulation-based machines, and while the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini 2’s input lag won’t impress those used to MiSTer or Analogue’s FPGA-based options, it feels like it will continue Our expectations for these “classic” mics were pretty good.

Only the Japanese Version can come with the Mega CD, which just an add-on in plastic, VERY COOL!

Mega Drive Mini 2 Review – Complete Game List (US / JAPAN / EUROPE)

TUTORIAL para instalar Game Pass en las Oculus Quest 2. NO XBOX REQUIRED

Os explico como instalar la aplicación Game Pass de Xbox en las Oculus Quest 2. Esto os dará la posibilidad de jugar a más de 100 juegos a través del servicio Cloud Gaming, sólo necesitais pagar la suscripción de Game Pass Ultimate y una conexión a Internet. No es necesario tener ninguna consola de Xbox para beneficiarte de este servicio! Para conseguirlo debes realizar los siguientes pasos: 1. Obtén suscripción Game Pass Ultimate. 2. Instala la aplicación SIDEQUEST en tu Pc. 3. Descarga .APK de Game Pass en 4. Conecta las Oculus a tu PC y usa SIDEQUEST para instalar el .APK de Game Pass en las Oculus. 5. Puedes encontrat la APP en: Aplicaciones – Unkwon Sources (Fuentes Desconocidas). 6. (OPCIONAL) Te enseño 2 maneras de conectar el Mando de Xbox a las Oculus Quest 2. Si has realizado estos pasos correcamente podrás Disfrutar de los Juegos disponibles en el Game Pass para Cloud Gaming en cualquier parte el mundo con tus Oculus Quest 2 y una conexión a Internet. Ahora en el Canal de Block Surprise empezaré también a crear videos en español acerca de las Oculus Quest 2. Este cambio se debe a que creo que la Realidad Virtual va a ser el futuro muy pronto y estoy totalmente fascinado con las posibilidades que ofrece.Pero no os preocupéos que seguiré trayendo vídeos de Sonic Mania!! ;D En futuros vídeos os desvelaré más secretos que podéis hacer con las Oculus Quest 2, una maravilla de kit de Realidad Virtual.

Por cierto si estáis interesados en adquirirlas lo podéis hacer a través de este link:

Os preguntaréis… ¿Por qué ahora y no antes? Porque hasta ahora un kit de Relidad Virtual no ofrecía todo lo necesario pasa ser decente. Pero las Quest 2 son un dispositivo potente que funciona de manera autónoma sin necesidad de ningún ordenador. Pero si quieres o necesitas interactuar con un ordenador lo pueden hacer de una manera totalmente inalámbrica y fluida. La experiencia es totalmente mágica y te trasporta a otros mundos!

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SonicVR for Oculus Quest 2

Recently I acquired an Oculus Quest 2 Headset and I must admit that it’s amazing. Very soon I will bring amazing videogames such as Beat Saber or No Man’s Sky. However, the first thing that did is to download this Virtual Reality Green Hill Zone prototype. This game is a full rebuild of the first level of the original Sonic The Hedgehog for Megadrive. If you are a great fan of sonic You will love this video where I compare The 2D Greenhill Zone with the Amazing 3D Green Hill Zone that I could Experiment with my brand new Oculus Quest 2!

Sonic VR with Oculus
Sonic in VR, with the best locomotion!

Nevertheless, The movement system allows you to physically walk, jog, run and jump within the game, They first released a Mario Bros game with it, now they’ve adapted it for Sonic!

  • Original Green Hill Zone Act 1, built from scratch for VR.
  • Ability to physically run as sonic.
  • No harnesses. Forget restrictions. This is a giant Omni-directional Treadmill!
  • You can Jump, you can Spin, you can collect Golden Rings… It’s perfect 😛
  • The best version of Nostalgia.

By the way, the game now running both SteamVR and Oculus!

Furthermore, It has a lot of details to improve but it’s amazing to feel Like Sonic!! If you want to try it, first you need the Oculus Quest 2!

Sonic the Movie. Funny. Feeling like the real Sonic.

Remember You can buy this amazing VR headset through this link. I can’t imagine the best gift for Christmas!

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TAILS, LUIGI , BIG & VEGETA in Sonic Mania

Tails, Luigi, Big’s Big and Vegeta.

In this Sonic Mania Cosmic Template we bring you: TAILS, LUIGI , BIG & VEGETA. I hope you enjoy our Sonic Mania Mod Gameplay Mix. We have copied the multiplayer mode with 4 screens from the Sonic Mania Plus Trailer. That’s why our four screens got neon lights!

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Sonic Mania Plus – Best Mods #5

We start a New Sonic Mania mod Gameplay mix. We have copied the multiplayer mode with 4 screens from Sonic Mania Plus Trailer. That’s why our four screens got neon lights!

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Sonic Mania – SEGA Blue Fox – [WIP] Sonic Ultra Pistola…

KaleTheFox -Tails Mania & Tails

DevilDeviD – American Sonic + Fleetway Super Sonic

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