SonicVR for Oculus Quest 2

Recently I acquired an Oculus Quest 2 Headset and I must admit that it’s amazing. Very soon I will bring amazing videogames such as Beat Saber or No Man’s Sky. However, the first thing that did is to download this Virtual Reality Green Hill Zone prototype. This game is a full rebuild of the first level of the original Sonic The Hedgehog for Megadrive. If you are a great fan of sonic You will love this video where I compare The 2D Greenhill Zone with the Amazing 3D Green Hill Zone that I could Experiment with my brand new Oculus Quest 2!

Sonic VR with Oculus
Sonic in VR, with the best locomotion!

Nevertheless, The movement system allows you to physically walk, jog, run and jump within the game, They first released a Mario Bros game with it, now they’ve adapted it for Sonic!

  • Original Green Hill Zone Act 1, built from scratch for VR.
  • Ability to physically run as sonic.
  • No harnesses. Forget restrictions. This is a giant Omni-directional Treadmill!
  • You can Jump, you can Spin, you can collect Golden Rings… It’s perfect 😛
  • The best version of Nostalgia.

By the way, the game now running both SteamVR and Oculus!

Furthermore, It has a lot of details to improve but it’s amazing to feel Like Sonic!! If you want to try it, first you need the Oculus Quest 2!

Sonic the Movie. Funny. Feeling like the real Sonic.

Remember You can buy this amazing VR headset through this link. I can’t imagine the best gift for Christmas!

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